How it works

Recycling in Colmena is very easy. Download the App and start registering your recyclable material. When your container arrives at the collection point it is weighed and your reward is credited to the JellyCoinn cryptocurrency. It benefits waste generators and collectors, while providing good quality material to recycling industries.

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Colmena APP

  • Discover other users

    Get to know the Colmena users near you to coordinate the transport of the recovered materials.

  • Register your waste

    Keep a detailed control of your recovered waste and coordinate its delivery to a Recycling Center.

  • Get Benefits

    Your recovery work receives an economic compensation through the JellyCoin cryptocurrency.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

    With the App you can calculate and track the reduction in Co2 emissions equivalent to your recovered material.

An economic reward for environmental responsibility. All the advantages of Blockchain technology with a lower environmental impact.

Cryptocurrency based on DPoS

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) is an environmentally friendly blockchain protocol. It does not require powerful mining machines, which means that its energy consumption is reduced.

Commitment-based backing

The value of the cryptocurrency is backed by the commitment of the community of reclaimers, collectors and industries that participate in the Hive ecosystem. The more volume of material we manage to reclaim the greater the interest of everyone to join in!

Decentralization and democratization

Any person or institution can access this new technology without having to invest money. By correctly separating the waste and coordinating the delivery at a collection point you receive cryptos that in the future you will be able to exchange for other digital assets.

Factury Module

Colmena provides EcoPuntos and Recycling Centers with a system to manage the materials received. The module includes:

  • An electronic weighing system, automated and linked to the software system.

  • An incoming materials management system with a user-friendly web interface.

  • A payment system in JellyCoin to Colmena APP users for the materials received and for the transport performed.

  • Statistics and metrics regarding the material received, configurable in date ranges.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find information about the most frequently asked questions by the community:

It is a platform based on blockchain technology that will help establish a direct connection between recyclable material generators, collectors and the recycling industry. Colmena seeks to transform the way recyclable waste is managed, proposing a collaborative, digital and decentralized management alternative that allows households, companies and institutions to separate from their waste the materials requested by industries, register them on the platform and transport them to a determined point, with the option of coordinating with a third party the door-to-door pickup. To achieve this transformation, Colmena proposes an economic incentive that mobilizes to separate and transport materials in a collaborative way: JellyCoin (JYC) cryptocurrencies.

There are different ways to participate in Colmena. Individuals, companies, businesses or institutions that generate recyclable material and separate them correctly at source can participate in Colmena as User Generators. Individuals willing to transport recyclable material from the point of generation to the point of collection can participate in Colmena as Collector Users. Industries that demand recyclable material for processing, companies that wish to manage the reverse logistics of their packaging, companies that wish to undertake social responsibility actions or governments that wish to optimize their differentiated management system can participate in Colmena as Factory Users.

Once the materials have been recovered and registered, users can take them to the Ecopoint nearest to their home. During the implementation test in the city of Posadas (Misiones), users must take them to the Fixed Ecopoint in the Itaembé Guazú neighborhood located on Las Violetas street.
During the pilot test, the Colmena Platform will be configured to receive five types of recyclable materials: paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminum, which will be assigned the following values in JYC:

  • paper, cardboard and glass: FIVE (5) JYC per kilo.
  • plástico: plastic: TEN (10) JYC per kilo.
  • aluminum: TWENTY (20) JYC per kilo.
  • transportation: TEN (10) JYC per Km traveled.


JellyCoin (JYC) is a digital currency created to function as a medium of exchange and store of value within the Hive ecosystem. Technically it is a non-minable token developed on the EOSio blockchain.
During the pilot test JYC will have parity with the legal tender in Argentina 1JYC = 1$AR. Subsequently its value will fluctuate according to the demand for tokens from industries and the supply accumulated by families, businesses and institutions as a result of their activity of separating and transporting recyclable material.
During the pilot test the JYCs are exchangeable for products made by the Municipal Green Center of the city of Posadas. Colmena's social networks will be the channel to announce the exchange values of products as well as the new businesses or institutions that accept JYC as a means of payment.

The use of blockchain technology ensures the security and transparency of financial transactions between Hive users. Recording the data of all transfers of JellyCoin tokens from one account to another, with the mandatory and automatic recording of the hash on the Blockchain enables the scalability of the ecosystem. In addition, data confidentiality is preserved as the record of the flow of funds is open to the public but the private information in the record is immutable and anonymous. Colmena is based on the EOSio blockchain, the most suitable for your needs in terms of transaction speed and fee costs.

On September 25, 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an action plan for people, planet, and prosperity that also aims to strengthen universal peace and access to justice. The Agenda sets out 17 Goals with 169 targets that cover the economic, social, and environmental spheres.
Colmena actively contributes to the fulfillment of several SDGs in the People, Planet, and Prosperity axes. By promoting source separation of recyclable material, its digitization and collaborative transportation, as well as an economic reward for participants in the form of digital currencies, we help to:
  • Reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Preventing and eradicating open dumpsites.
  • Increasing the output of recycling industries, fostering the circular economy.
  • Professionalizing the work of collectors and achieving their social and financial inclusion.

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